Construction & Materials

M.T. Custom Cases utilizes only the finest components money can buy. This commitment to excellence sets us apart from other manufacturers, and provides our clients with the ultimate in strength and consistency. If you have ever ordered a case from another manufacturer, and then ordered another six months later to find different hardware or substrates, then you understand the value of consistency. M.T. is proud to use the following materials in every product we build:

Wood – 3/8” Void-free plywood, ¾” 13 ply Baltic Birch plywood for wheel-plates and racks.
Lightweight polypropylene available.

Laminate – WilsonArt Standard Grade “touchstone” finish (textured) High Pressure Laminate (Pionite, Formica, & Abet available). Color matching (Pantone) available. Limitless colors and finishes available. Samples available upon request.

Aluminum Extrusion – Patented Double-Wall (NO SINGLE WALL!) unanodized natural finish aluminum (T5 6063 alloy). Double-wall on all male, female and corner extrusion. Reinforced with patented corner component. All dividers supported and capped with aluminum extrusion.

Corners, Handles, Latches, and Clamps – Zinc-Plated steel hardware, with M.T. embossed logo.

Rivets – POP brand aluminum rivets, (NO SPLIT RIVETS!), rivets sandwich plywood between both walls of aluminum extrusion. One rivet every five inches.

Casters – Colson Brand Polyurethane swivel casters ( 3.5” standard or 4”x2” upgrade).

Foam and Carpet - 2 Pounds (Per Square Inch) Density Esther (soft) and Etha (Hard) Foam. Black and Grey Ozite Carpet standard.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our methods of construction or materials. Call (630) 227-1019 for complete details.